our vision
We try to make our planet as rich, healthy, and abundant as it once was

Save Planet Earth is a 100% non-profit organization that officially established a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the state of Nevada in June 2020.


Our Mission

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Sustainable Food

World hunger is a problem that we intend to focus on and help. The amount of people on this planet that need food day to day are astonishing and we hope to bridge that gap by working with other organizations that focus on this exact issue.


In an effort to not only Save Planet Earth, we will also be focusing on the defenseless wildlife that could use our efforts to bring awareness to the organizations helping this cause and making donations to those in need.

Protecting Our Oceans

Beaches and oceans around the world have senseless garbage, plastic and other items that don't belong there that kill and hurt our species in the ocean. We will be joining forces with organizations that focus on this cause.

Fighting Global Warming

Global Warming is upon us and it is quickly effecting planet earth. We will focusing our attention and donations to other organizations that work towards bettering the problem of global warming that we face today.




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